Galileo Programs

Core Subjects


Learning the fundamental skills and mastering them are the essentials in understanding mathematics. The Galileo Math Program aims to equip the learners with these skills. It is designed to concretize the four operations, equations, and geometry by helping them analyze word problems and showing them the benefits of mathematics in practical life.

Age: 3-12 years old


The development of literacy skills is crucial in the learning years of a child. Through the Galileo English Program, the student will have an excellent grasp of the grammatical rules while applying it to the fundamental skills of the English language: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Age: 3-12 years old


Singapore Math is a general term used to refer to the math curriculum content, materials and teaching methods applied in Singapore schools.

The Galileo Enrichment Learning Program is the first enrichment program in the country to offer Singapore Math as part of its Math program. Enrolled students are given extensive enrichment exercises and activities that would further enhance their Math skills, making them a cut above the rest.

The Singapore Math Program aims to enhance the students’ Math skills by deepening their understanding of concepts and to go beyond superficial learning. The visualization of the problems helps the students to apply these techniques in real-life situations; thus creating a bridge between the classroom and the world around them.

Age: 3-12 years old