Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

-Is Galileo Online Learning a tutorial service?
Galileo Online Learning is not a tutorial because it addresses more long term goals of learning, but Galileo Online Learning can also assist with the individual and short term needs of the student such as homework and preparation for exams. We recommend talking to our center directors or teachers for more information.

-What happens in a Galileo Online Learning Session?
The session starts with a warm greeting from the teacher. Previous lessons are being recalled through fun activities and games to assure retention of knowledge. Then, the learning theme will be established for the day.

The teacher presents fun videos and provides digital visual aids to introduce the lesson. The activities are interactive. It encourages the student to construct his/her own learning.

The learner accomplishes 3-5 pages of worksheets digitally with the supervision of the teacher. Answering worksheets is a means to understand the learner’s thought process and to assess the learner’s comprehension of the lesson.

The learner and teacher plays fun online games and quizzes to reinforce the student’s learning. Playing games also develops the learner’s creativity and problem-solving skills.

The session concludes with a recap activity and a new learning that the learner will bring home.

-What is the teacher to student ratio?
1 Teacher : 1 Student

-What subjects do you teach?
We offer three programs:
Math or English for 3 to 12 years old
Singapore Math for 6 to 12 years old

-Why Math and English?
Math and English are critical subjects for learning because they are the building blocks for the rest of the other subjects being taught in school. Furthermore, these two subjects are essential to fostering life skills such as comprehension, logic, problem solving and communication.

-How often are the sessions and how long is each session?
Students learn twice a week for 8 sessions a month.

-Can I continue my online program after the pandemic?
Yes, it is highly encouraged to support the continuation of your child's learning regardless of the situation. Choosing the online option is one of the most accessible, safe and reliable ways to learn, especially with the convenience of connecting with your teacher from the comfort of your own home.

-Can I enroll for a face to face session in any of  the centers now?
We encourage following the local government precautions on safety and as such, we will update everyone on social media and on our website as soon as it is safe for children to learn in our centers.

What is the teacher to student ratio?

1 Teacher : 7 Students

How often are the sessions and how long is each session?

Four times a week for 1 hour