Enrollment Process

Enrollment Process

1. How do I enroll?

It's easy! Just register, take an assessment and, purchase a class pack. Click here to see the full enrollment process.

2. Can I register more than one child? 

Yes, you can! Please fill out one registration form per child. Click on "Submit another form" to submit the form again.

3. Can I buy packages for more more than 1 child?

Yes, you can buy multiple class packs for multiple children with one Parent Account. You will need to purchase one pack per student, per program, and specify the Galileo Student Code, Program and Level before clicking "Add to Cart."

4. How many children can one Class Pack cover? 

One class pack is good for one student and one program/subject. When you purchase a class pack, you will be required to indicate your child’s Galileo Student Code, Program and Level.

5. What if my child is enrolled is more than one Galileo Program/subject? 

You will need to purchase a separate class pack per program/subject because these will count for two different sets of Galileo sessions.

6. Do you have subscription plans?

Soon! We are working toward a hassle-free re-enrollment system to give the parents one less thing to think about. We are currently setting up our subscription or recurring payment system. It should be up and running in a few weeks. Sign up to our mailing list for updates!

7. I have more questions! I need help! How can I contact you?

You may reach us through mobile at 0917XXX-XXXX, or email us at learn@galileo.ph.education . Click here to view our Contact Us page.

Online Class-Time

1. What does my child need for class?

For an optimal Galileo experience, your child can use a tablet, laptop or desktop computer with a working camera, microphone, and browser that supports Google Hangouts, Google Classroom, and Google Mail (Gmail). For mobile devices, these can also be downloaded as apps. Click here to download the Google apps.

2. We do not have an available tablet/laptop/desktop at home. Can we use a cellphone?

Of course! The experience may be slightly different, but our teachers are trained to always make it a fun learning experience for your child.

3. What platforms/software are used for the sessions?

Galileo is powered by Google Suite. Most of the time, we use Google Hangouts, Google Classroom, and Google Mail (Gmail).

4. How long is a session?

GO Learning Premium sessions are 60 minutes (1 hour) long, while the GO Learning Regular sessions are only 30 minutes long. We advise your child to log on at least 10 minutes before class.

5. Do I need to attend class with my child?

During the first few sessions, you may need to assist your child. Based on experience, the students eventually learn how to set up and shut down their classes on their own.

6. When will you offer face-to-face/physical classes?

We value the safety of your children, our teachers, and our staff. We will start offering face-to-face classes once it is declared safe to do so, and when it IS safe. We will also consult with the parents before we open physical classrooms. In the meantime, let us help the world heal by staying home and staying safe.

5. Will you send Galileo Worksheets and learning materials? 

Worksheets are included in all GO Learning Premium classes and learning kits are included in GO Kids classes. These will be sent to the shipping address provided at check out. Please ensure your address is complete and correct to avoid delays in shipping.

7. How long will it take to ship papers or learning kits?

This only applies to GO Learning Premium classes and GO Kids classes. For addresses in Metro Manila, it will take approximately 3 working days, while outside of Metro Manila, it may take up to 5 working days. Please ensure your address is complete and correct to avoid delays in shipping.


1. Why only are your programs only for ages 3-12 years old?

We focus on the prime development years of the child. By the time they finish our full program, your child will ideally become an independent life-long learner, who will be able to answer school work on his/her own, and exhibit good self-study habits.

2. My child’s Galileo level does not match his/her level at school. Why is that?

Children learn and develop at different paces. At Galileo, we assess the level if knowledge of our students and build on it. Galileo helps students master the fundamentals of Math and English, supports them to catch up at school, and eventually get ahead of their class.

3. Why is it only Math and English?

Math and English are the fundamental subjects. A student needs Math and English for Science, Social Studies, problem solving and critical thinking, among others.


Were we unable to answer your question? Contact us for your questions or concerns.