Who may enroll in galileo?
The Galileo program caters to pre-school and grade school students ages 3 to 12.
Why galileo?
Galileo provides the following benefits for the young learners:
  • Improved school grades
  • Become academically competitive
  • Gain lots of friends
  • Nurture skills and talents
  • Develop a positive attitude towards studying
When can a student start at galileo?
The best time to begin a student’s journey in the Galileo program is NOW. The sooner you get him into the program, the sooner he will be able to reap the program’s benefits. Once the student enters the program, he is assessed according to his skills. The student may start his Galileo experience after the assessment, which will only take 15 minutes of his time.
How many times in a week will a student attend galileo?
Students go to the Galileo Center twice a week for 30 to 45 minutes per session. The student works closely with teacher-facilitator and is given fun activities to supplement the lesson for the day. Homework is given so that learning is continuous even outside the center. Parental involvement is strongly encouraged.
How long does a student need to be enrolled in galileo?
Learning is a process that requires time and effort. Students are encouraged to be part of the Galileo program for at least a year to observe significant improvements. The program works with learners in a continuous effort and aims to teach excellent study and independence.