Company Profile

Established in 2005, the idea was born out of the intention to improve and uplift the academic situation in the country. Having been exposed to the education industry at a young age, CEO Ma. Rowena Juan-Matti, saw how learning was evolving with the times. She noticed the growing rate in tutorial services prompted by fast-paced and demanding schools trying to cope with the demands to produce competent and competitive members of society.

Along with an academic pool of advisers, Rowie conceptualized an enrichment program that would cater to the individual learning needs of every child, and address the learning gap that many children are forced to brave on their own. The team saw the need for an effective program that not only answers parents’ requirements for children to learn, but also answers the need for children to enjoy the learning process.

Galileo's competitive advantage lies in its unique and proven methodology. Every learner under the Galileo program undergoes Five Learning Ways -- activities that are hinged upon Math and English concepts -- which allow better understanding in order for learning to be meaningful. This unique learning strategy puts the focus on the learner's interests and unique personality, bringing out the star within.

With the presence of Galileo in the education industry, Rowie dreams that the program will further improve the educational system, and train young learners to become future leaders who will bring progress to the country. By equipping them with the proper skills in understanding Math and English concepts, and providing them with opportunities to apply their knowledge in everyday activities in other subjects, students will be motivated to become better and lifelong learners.