A Teaser of the Digital Summer Camp

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Education is now getting more interesting because of the digital age. One time at the mall, I saw an exhibit showcasing robotics display from different schools. I envied these kids because back then, we don’t have that luxury. It also makes me realize that there are schools now who are now initiating robotics in their respective schools.

During the launch, I was given a choice which activity should I like to do. I started with Stop-Motion animation. This is like an old-school animation like flipping pages but using pictures with movements. This is the same method The Lego Batman Movie did which was shown only recently.This got me interested when I was invited to the launch of Galileo and Power Mac Store’s Digital Summer Camp launch. During my childhood and teen years, I have an active lifestyle. I am enrolled in Tae Kwon Do classes and joined summer camps out of town. Now, the kids’ lifestyle are just limited to their tablets or mobile phones because of the various apps the internet can provide. So instead of discouraging, we might as well give them something to do especially in summer.

Back in the old days of filming, it was hard because the camera film is expensive and now we have gadgets to do this.  For the robotics, I got to try playing with the Sphero. It is a circular robot that can move around the flat surface. Using the iPad tablets like what I did with the Stop-Motion, it enables me to control the Sphero via Bluetooth. The reason for this licensed merchandise being used as a tool for a child to understand how to calibrate the unit’s controls and customized commands or wherever you like the Sphero to go. It is the same concept used for Star Wars: The Force Awakens’s BB-8 droid.

This will help the kids discover what hidden talents can they do and who knows. Maybe you are a parent of the future game developer or animator. Galileo is now accepting registrants for the Digital Summer Camp. You may inquire them for your desired schedule.

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