My husband and I enrolled our daughter in Galileo because we wanted her to learn more. She started in Galileo when she was 2 years old. Now that she is three, she knows how to read already.

Mabel Cardenas parent

Singapore Math has helped me understand Math by giving me models which makes me understand the word problems better than memorizing formulas.

Nicole Reese Delos Santos Student

I live with gratitude in my heart for the gift of students and teachers who give me joy and the opportunity to impart to them what I know is right and helpful.

Teacher Weng Palma Galileo Legaspi, Makati

Our daughter had to conquer her shyness of other people. We enrolled her in Galileo Little Explorers because we think that exposure to other children would do her a lot of good. She has improved a lot in her skills. For example, she can hold her pencil very well now.

Kristopher Marasigan Parent

I learn lots in Galileo.

Rey Bagatsing Student

I would like to think that our center encourages a caring community of learners. With the teachers, we encourage them to explore their interests and continue to progress in their teaching practice. With the parents, it is to always maintain open communication lines and to keep in touch - to let them know that we are readily available to listen to them and that we are flexible and always willing to help, especially if it is for their child. With the students, it's about always making the sessions fun and focused on their needs and capabilities.

Teacher Gabby Roa - Limjoco Center Director of Galileo Salcedo and Galileo Lipa

I wish that our educational system be more inclusive for children with special needs. An increasing number of schools have been accepting children with special needs mainstreaming in their classrooms but are largely concentrated in big urban areas. I wish to see an outflow of these schools to nearby suburbs and even rural communities so that we do not deprive these children their right for basic education.

Thomas Christopher T. Balmater Center Director of Galileo Olongapo City

Teacher Sheryll Ong, Director of Galileo Bacolod, offers this advice to aspiring entrepreneurs: Be passionate in what you do because then it does not become just work. Entrepreneurship is never easy. You must always persevere, learn from your mistakes and hope for the best. The best thing about being an entrepreneur is that it stretches you as a person: it improves your skill sets and you make a big contribution to society.

Teacher Sheryll Ong Director of Galileo Bacolod

While having sessions in Galileo, I got to learn and play at the same time, that’s why I really enjoyed my sessions with my teacher. As a Math enrollee, I was able to learn math concepts way ahead of my classmates, and it is because of this that I was chosen as a participant in MTAP . I developed an even higher level of self confidence and I begun to develop my study habits even in other subjects.

Ethan Luis Santiago Grade 1 student in Stella Maris Academy and an English and Math Grade 2 learner in Galileo Guiguinto

I am Mylene M. dela Cruz, mother of Yuan Rey M. dela Cruz, a grade 1 student from the Holy Spirit Academy of Malolos. Yuan is a Grade 2 English student in Galileo Guiguinto. We have chosen Galileo over other enrichment learning schools because of its kid-friendly approach in learning. They learn without being deprived of fun activities. This kid-friendly approach only proves that Galileo treats each student as an individual with differences and needs.

Mylene M. dela Cruz Parent

I believe in Galileo's method and ways of teaching. I wanted to be a partner of a company that shares my desire and advocacy to make learning fun for students. It being a homegrown brand also highlighted a level of cultural understanding, appreciating the Filipino education system while at the same time promoting changes to push it for the better.

Teacher Paula Nicole Lamagna Galileo Madrigal

If I were a Galileo All-Star Team character, I would be Bling. I believe that everything happens for a reason and all problems have their solutions. And learning is infinite. There will always be new ideas to be formed, new things to discover and new ways to improve.

Teacher Mimi Galileo Legaspi

On how parents can teach their kids at home: Know your kids strength and weaknesses. Encourage them by giving compliments and sometimes reward, rather than punishment.

Teacher Roslyn Galileo Legaspi