SUMMER LEARNING CAMP 2017 - Theme: Larong Pilipino
Celebrating Filipino Culture and Games

The Galileo Summer Learning Camp (SLC) is a summer program that taps into a child’s interests while exposing him to a wide range of activities, preparing him for school, and further enhancing his social skills.

This year, the Galileo Summer Learning Camp brings the fun and learning to the streets through its theme: Larong Pilipino. This module celebrates the Filipino culture of connecting with friends through games, while at the same time strengthening body coordination, strategy, and skills.

The two-module Summer Learning Camp features well-known Filipino games for children and bring it to the classroom. These games will be integrated with other activities unique to the Galileo Summer Learning Camp such as art activities, creative storytelling, interactive songs, and cooperative playing. The SLC focuses on bodily- kinesthetic learning enriched with cognitive- related learning because the toddlers’ age, (1.5- 3 y.o) is the time when they need to develop their motor skills, along their thinking and perception skills.  In addition, some learning concepts such as shapes, colors and few letter recognition will be introduced.

Please refer to the table below for detailed information.

Program Overview*



Week 1: Traditional Toys
Day 1 - Sepak takraw
Day 2 - Paper dolls
Day 3 - Pogs
Day 4 - Sangkayaw
Day 5 - Palayok-palayukan (Lutu-lutuan)

Week 1: Games that can be played individually
Day 1 - Turumpo/Trumpo
Day 2 - Sipa (Bilangan)
Day 3 - Yoyo
Day 4 - Saranggola
Day 5 - Holen

Week 2: Traditional Filipino Indoor Games
Day 1 - Bahay kubo (Hand coordination/ clapping game)
Day 2 - Bahay-bahayan
Day 3 - Takip-silim
Day 4 - Dampa
Day 5 - Pusa at aso

Week 2: Games that can be played by pairs
Day 1 - Jack N Poy
Day 2 - Sungka
Day 3 - Bunong-Braso
Day 4 - Piko
Day 5 - Pitik- Bulag

Week 3: Traditional Filipino Outdoor Games
Day 1 - Iring-iring
Day 2 - Juego de Anillo
Day 3 - Taguan
Day 4 - Sambunot
Day 5 - Luksong lubid                                       

Week 3: Games that can be played by groups
Day 1 - Patintero
Day 2 - Luksong Tinik
Day 3 - Luksong Baka
Day 4 - Tumbang Preso
Day 5 - Buwan-Buwan/Bakunawa

* Course Outline subject to change