Junior Engineers @ Work

Program Brief

“If every tool, when ordered, or even of its own accord, could do the work that befits it... then there would be no need either of apprentices for the master workers or of slaves for the lords.” – Aristotle, 320 BC.

In cooperation with Cyberland International Education Centre, Galileo Enrichment Learning Program, Inc. will open the world of robotics to young learners through Junior Robotics - Junior Engineers @ Work. This program is a theme-based program which uses LEGO Education’s WeDo materials and activities. It encompasses specific subject matter such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Language.

Based on case study, each project task will eventually lead the students of all ages into the ability to acquire new knowledge. Being well-equipped with the continuous knowledge they had learnt, students will have better capability to adapt in the ever-growing technology environment.

This program is open to students aged 6-10.

Program Module and Course Outline


Junior Engineers @ Work


Day 1

  • The Galileo Story Part 1
  • Getting Started Parts
  • Workbook

Day 2

  • The Galileo Story Part 2
  • Construction of the Model and Programming

Day 3

  • The Galileo Story Part 3
  • Workbook
  • Creative Session
  • Show & Tell

***From Summer Camp Holiday Program – Cyberland International Education Centre.

*3 sessions per module conducted in 1 week