DIGITAL SUMMER CAMP: Coding and Technology

Program Brief

Digital Summer Camp is now on its third year! This summer, Galileo Enrichment Learning Program is offering Digital Summer Camp: Computer Programming for Kids in collaboration with Power Mac Center, one of the recognized leading Apple Premium Reseller, Authorized Education Reseller, Authorized Training Center and Authorized Service Provider in the Philippines

This techie summer treat allows children to have fun while learning digital skills. This programming course aims to break classroom walls and create a learning space that will boost child’s creativity using technology. It also encourages learning through collaboration and cooperation. With Power Mac trainers as their mentors, children will be able to enhance their use of digital tools and bring life to their imagination.

This program is open to students aged 9-14.

Program Modules, Description, and Expected Output/b>




Module 1 – Robotics Programming featuring Sphero
 [2 Hours / Session]

It will teach the students the basic mode of coding to program a Sphero with the desired speed, spin, and color by dragging and dropping blocks or text-based programming and operate it using iOS devices.

Programming codes for Sphero

Module 2 – Animation for Kids
 [2 Hours / Session]

The students will learn create and animate characters.

Animate Galileo Characters

Module 3 – Stop Motion Video Creation
 [2 Hours / Session]

Kids will use and mix digital camera, computer, and imagination. With all these three they are on their way to create a great video clip.

Stop Motion video clip of Galileo characters

Module 4 – Digital Drawing
 [2 Hours / Session]

Students will discover an authentic, natural drawing experience that is as close to pencil, pen, marker, or brush on paper as digital art tool.

Digital drawing of Galileo characters

Module 5 –  Game Creation
 [2 Hours / Session]

Allows the learner to design games easily, while learning some basic
programming logic in the process.

2D flash games

*5 modules conducted in 1 week