The Galileo Summer Learning Camp (SLC) is a summer program that taps into a child’s interests while exposing him to a wide range of activities, preparing him for school, and further enhancing his social skills.

The program introduces the child to his immediate environment – school and home – while preparing him with the essential skills needed for interaction. The child is exposed to five fun activities, wherein each activity develops his/her fine motor skills, musicality, basic numeracy and literacy skills, while tapping into his creativity skills. These skills are essential in creating a 21st century learner and prepares a child to thrive in a rapidly-developing world.

In the course of the Summer Learning Camp, the little explorers will be introduced to the wonders of nature—animals and plants. The objective of the program is to provide schema of science, which is about biodiversity, through play- based learning.

SLC focuses on bodily-kinesthetic learning enriched with cognitive-related learning because the toddlers’ age (2- 4 years old) is the time when they need to develop motor skills, along with their thinking and perception skills. In addition, some learning concepts such as shapes, colors, and few letter and number recognition will be introduced.

# of sessions 15 sessions per module
Module A April 9-27, 2018 (Animals)
Module B May 7-25, 2018 (Plants)
Fee P 600 Registration Fee
P 3,000 1 Module
P 5,500 2 Modules

Program Overview

Module A: Animals Module B: Plants
Week 1 Theme: Zoo Animals Week 4 Theme: Garden Plants
Day 1: It’s Time for Zoo Fun
Day 2: Elephant’s Trunk
Day 3: Giraffe’s Long Neck
Day 4: Wide Mouthed Crocs
Day 5: Brave Philippine Eagle
Day 16: What a Wonderful World
Day 17: Rose
Day 18: Sampaguita
Day 19: Bamboo
Day 20: Cactus
Week 2 Theme: Insects Week 5 Theme: Trees
Day 6: Bugs on Buds
Day 7: Colorful Butterflies
Day 8: Grasshoppers Hop
Day 9: Busy Bees
Day 10: Earth’s Worms
Day 21: Old and Sturdy
Day 22: Coconut Tree
Day 23: Banana Tree
Day 24: Mango Tree
Day 25: Pine Tree
Week 3 Theme: Marine Animals Week 6 Theme: Vegetables
Day 11: Deep in the Ocean
Day 12: Swim with the Dolphins
Day 13: Eight Arms
Day 14: Shark’s Sharp Teeth
Day 15: Whale’s Wave
Day 26: Eat Healthy
Day 27: Lettuce
Day 28: Carrots
Day 29: Potato
Day 30: Corn
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