Kiddie Cooking Camp: Cooking with Numbers

A delicious way of traveling around the world with no visa nor airplane tickets needed. Hop on and enjoy a collection of delicious recipes from around the globe.

Enjoy 5 days of creative cooking and baking workshop honing various kitchen skills! Participants will be surprised on how simple ingredients could make delicious recipes in adorable visuals that will surely attract both young and old. In this program, kids will develop their love for culinary arts and gain confidence in the kitchen.

# of sessions 5 sessions
Module 1 Sweet Snack (England)
Module 2 Appetizer (Italy)
Module 3 Breakfast (France)
Module 4 Healthy Appetizer (Vietnam)
Module 5 Healthy Lunch Box (Japan)
Fee P 5,000

Program Overview

Recipe: Galileo Sugar Cookies
Type: Sweet Snack (England)
Skills/Technique: Learning the Art of Baking Cookies and Cookie Decoration
Witness our famous Galileo characters come to life; learn and enjoy making basic sugar cookies and decorating them! For sweet tooth lovers!
Recipe: Pizza Party Animals (mini pizza)
Type: Appetizer (Italy)
Skills/Technique: Pizza Dough from Scratch, Making Creative Pizzas
In this fun and educational cooking class, kids will learn how to create delicious mini-pizzas in animal shape.
Recipe: Kawaii Bread Buns (Pain au Lait)
Type: Breakfast (France)
Skills/Technique: Let's play with Yeast! Introduction to Bread Making and shaping cute breads
This time, kids will play with yeast and discover how fun it is to make your own bread. From savory to sweet buns the possibility is endless. In this session, kids will do milk bread with an adorable twist!
Recipe: Rainbow Spring Rolls
Type: Healthy Appetizer (Vietnam)
Skills/Technique:Mastering Knife Skills, Making Asian Vinaigrette
Ready your knives and let’s do some chopping. This session is all about knife skills and techniques. Make a delicious and healthy fresh spring rolls with Asian vinaigrette.
Recipe: Rilakkuma Bento (Karaben-Character Bento)
Type: Healthy Lunchbox (Japan)
Skills/Technique: Introduction to FOOD ART, Preparing Healthy Lunch meals
Karaben, short for Japanese Character Bento, is a highly creative cooking class. Parents are invited to participate with their kid, so together they will learn how to make delicious and healthy lunch meals with a popular sleeping bear character, Rilakkuma.
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