Digital Summer Camp: Coding and STEM for Kids

Digital Summer Camp is now on its fourth year! This program allows kids to put on their thinking hats and be innovative producers with the use of technology. This program is In collaboration with Power Mac Center, the leading Apple Reseller and Apple Authorized Training Center in the Philippines. The program prepared digital courses that will enhance their learning and mastery of various digital tools use digital tools and bring their imagination into life while developing social skills and cooperation.

# of sessions 5 sessions
Module 1 Robotics and Programming
Module 2 Animation
Module 3 Game Design and Development
Module 4 3D Architecture
Module 5 Jr. Electronics
Fee P 5,500

Program Overview

Module Number Module Title Description
1 Robotics Programming featuring Jimu Students will learn how to create codes to make the Jimu robot come to life.
2 Animation Students will easily animate photos or drawings by building a skeleton structure that allows stretching and bending deformations without drawing each pose.
3 Game Design and Game Development Students will learn the basics of game creation, such as app conceptualization, character impression and background design.
4 3D Architecture Students will learn and understand math through visuals, create their ideas intuitively and learn from each other. Use it as a tool which allows to easily develop aesthetics & sense of depth.
5 Jr. Electronics featuring iQube Students will be exposed to fundamental concepts of electronics as well as its important components and how they are being used (i.e. power source, ground, switch, lamp) and how they are being used (i.e. power source, ground, switch, lamp).
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