Summer Learning Camp: Zoofari

The Galileo Summer Learning Camp (SLC) is a summer program that taps into a child’s interests while exposing him to a wide range of activities, preparing him for school, and further enhancing his social skills.

The program introduces the child to his immediate environment – school and home – while preparing him with the essential skills needed for interaction. The child is exposed to five fun activities, wherein each activity develops his/her fine motor skills, musicality, basic numeracy and literacy skills, while tapping into his creativity skills. These skills are essential in creating a 21st century learner and prepares a child to thrive in a rapidly-developing world.

In the course of the Summer Learning Camp, the little explorers will be introduced to the wonders of nature—animals and plants. The objective of the program is to provide schema of science, which is about biodiversity, through play- based learning.

SLC focuses on bodily-kinesthetic learning enriched with cognitive-related learning because the toddlers’ age (2- 4 years old) is the time when they need to develop motor skills, along with their thinking and perception skills. In addition, some learning concepts such as shapes, colors, and few letter and number recognition will be introduced.


World of Words: Wikang Filipino

Financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills are part of the 21st century learning that need to be inculcated to kids at an early age. However, as per S&P’s (Standard and Poor) Rating, only 25% of Filipinos are financially literate and the Philippines ranked 11th out of 17 countries in Asia-Pacific based on the survey released measuring the skills on money management, financial planning and investment. Ninety percent of the parents believe that financial literacy and entrepreneurship is needed for kids but it’s not materialized in schools.

This summer, Galileo will offer a 2-module program for money management and entrepreneurship to awaken the minds of kids on the value of money and business planning. It aims to explain the concept of earn, save, spend, and donate as well as to understand the concept of counting money and starting a business through hands-on and experiential learning activities with integration of mathematical concepts. This program aims to raise awareness so that kids know how to perform wise money choices.


2017 Summer Math Club Program Brief

Digital Summer Camp is now on its fourth year! This program allows kids to put on their thinking hats and be innovative producers with the use of technology. This program is In collaboration with Power Mac Center, the leading Apple Reseller and Apple Authorized Training Center in the Philippines. The program prepared digital courses that will enhance their learning and mastery of various digital tools use digital tools and bring their imagination into life while developing social skills and cooperation.


Kiddie Cooking Camp: Cooking with Numbers

A delicious way of traveling around the world with no visa nor airplane tickets needed. Hop on and enjoy a collection of delicious recipes from around the globe.

Enjoy 5 days of creative cooking and baking workshop honing various kitchen skills! Participants will be surprised on how simple ingredients could make delicious recipes in adorable visuals that will surely attract both young and old. In this program, kids will develop their love for culinary arts and gain confidence in the kitchen.