* For students ages 1.5 to 3
* Offered in selected centers only.

The Galileo Little Explorers is an introductory learning program for toddlers aged 1.5 to 3. Anchored on a play-based learning approach, the program rears a young learner to develop an awareness of himself, his immediate surroundings, his community, and the world he lives in while establishing fundamental skills in gross motor, fine motor, language, cognitive, and social skills.

Registration Fee
Php 4,000.00
*Registration fee is a one-time fee charged upon enrollment.
Tuition Fee
Monthly (1 month) Php 3,200.00
Quarterly (2.5 months) Php 7,600.00
Semestral (5 months) Php 14,400.00
Annual (10 months) Php 27,000.00
Schedule: Monday to Friday - 2 Hours / Day (June – March)

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